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Exchange On-Premise VS Exchange Online (Office 365)
cloud email or on premises

Now that Office 365 now has almost four years under its belt, it could be considered the de-facto solution for SME’s looking to replace their existing email system. Or could it? There are many important factors to consider, especially since the introduction of Exchange 2013 a couple of years ago. Here’s a summary of some […]

Smartphones and the Death of Conversation
mobile phone killing conversation

Are you somebody who is always on your phone? Would you rather be communicating with people online than enjoying the company of those around you? In this highly tech savvy and socially engaging culture we live in, it is easy to mistake yourself as someone who is ‘well connected’ for someone who is actually being […]

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Understand the difference and prepare for the event. Many companies mistakenly believe that their normal scheduled backup routine will cover them in the event of an outage or disaster. I’ve heard many IT Managers and Managing Director’s state “our data is backed up each night, that’s our disaster recovery plan.” Data backup and disaster recovery […]