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A free copy of the latest version of Office anyone?

At last, you can obtain a copy of Office for free. Totally free. No cost whatsoever. For years we’ve been battling with accepting the cost of upgrading our computers either at home or work. Since Microsoft Office released their first version in 1990 we have upgraded 17 times, and at an average cost of £180 […]

Another attack of the Ransomware variety

We are seeing this more and more. We get a phone call from a customer we haven’t dealt with before and he says “Do you know how to unencrypt files encrypted by a virus?” Where do you begin? This particular virus is known as Ransomware and uses a 2048-bit cipher suite that even the world’s […]

Email Scam to make false payments
email spoofing

This is actually happened, what is scary is the almost believable nature of what turns out to be a con. A member of the finance team of a reasonably sized company receives an email from a senior director requesting a couple of payments to be made. The member of the finance team replies by asking […]