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Ransomware Protection
put an end to ransomware

Cyber crime cost UK businesses £29 billion in 2016 In recent months, there has been two highly sophisticated global attacks on computer systems which have infiltrated some of the most sophisticated networks belonging to some of the most prestigious organisations. Proving that no one is immune. The future of Ransomware attacks is looking like its […]

Antivirus solution for charities?
charity antivirus

Charities need a good antivirus solution every bit as much as any other business. Sadly, due to strict budget controls and limited funds to invest in office infrastructure, charities often overlook or neglect their IT, the security element being one. Trustees are often not aware the head office IT systems are unprotected. Most people assume […]

Wi-Fi in a large house – SOLVED!
Wi-Fi in large house

Larger and older houses were built with much heavier materials than today. As a result, Wi-Fi devices can struggle to communicate where there are thick walls to penetrate. The problem increases further if the property has had extensive renovation as usually the walls are lined with insulated foam-backed plasterboard, and often this plasterboard has a […]

What is the best antivirus solution for 2016?
best antivirus

As of June 2016, Bitdefender comes out on top for the best overall protection, best overall performance and the best overall usability. Bitdefender is recognised as the best antivirus solution for 2016 When it comes to protecting your data from the increasing risks of hackers, malware, virus’s and so on, this has to be one […]

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