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Email Scam to make false payments
email spoofing

This is actually happened, what is scary is the almost believable nature of what turns out to be a con. A member of the finance team of a reasonably sized company receives an email from a senior director requesting a couple of payments to be made. The member of the finance team replies by asking […]

Bridging the Gap between IT and Business Owners
annoying IT

Over the last 23 years I’ve met many IT technicians and business owners which as a result has enabled me to establish a difference between the two. Business owners focus on profit, growth, competition, staffing, customer service and maintaining the quality of services to keep their business running. They’ve probably invested some of their own […]

Information Overload
information overload

Do you ever feel like you’re drowning staring at hundreds of unread emails, receiving instant messages and social media notifications, whilst surfing the internet bombarded with ads? Are you concerned that you may be missing important information as you sift through a mass flow of images and videos that end up distracting you from what […]