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The Importance of Information Security for Small Business
information security small business

Information security is a major problem for all businesses. However, unlike larger companies, small businesses often lack the resources (physical, human and financial) to manage the processes of becoming information-secure. Instead, most of small business’s attention is focused only on commercial activities such as winning new customers and growth of sales and which leads to […]

Bridging the Gap between IT and Business Owners
annoying IT

Over the last 23 years I’ve met many IT technicians and business owners which as a result has enabled me to establish a difference between the two. Business owners focus on profit, growth, competition, staffing, customer service and maintaining the quality of services to keep their business running. They’ve probably invested some of their own […]

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Understand the difference and prepare for the event. Many companies mistakenly believe that their normal scheduled backup routine will cover them in the event of an outage or disaster. I’ve heard many IT Managers and Managing Director’s state “our data is backed up each night, that’s our disaster recovery plan.” Data backup and disaster recovery […]

GameOver Zeus & Cryptolocker

Is it really Gameover? That depends on you… Computer users have been warned to take action to protect themselves and their businesses from cyber-attacks in what is becoming a global pandemic. We’ve already seen the Cryptolocker virus at work last September with as much as $100 million being extorted from ‘customers’ who are left with […]

Opening Microsoft Works files
opening microsoft works

Opening Microsoft Works without Microsoft Works A file with a .wps extension belongs to Microsoft Works, and Microsoft Works was discontinued in 2007. Microsoft Works was a smaller, less expensive and fewer featured versions of Microsoft Office, and for most peoples’ needs, was more than enough to be able to produce a letter, spreadsheet or […]

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