11 August 2017
Callum Renwick, Intern

Callum Renwick

Last year, around half of all UK businesses were hit by cyber crime. The threat of cyber-attacks is now very real for all businesses, whatever their size. The problem is that small businesses and organisations tend not to consider themselves likely targets for cyber crime because they are small and therefore will not yield a […]

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10 July 2017
Adrian Fowler, Webmaster

Adrian Fowler

Cybercrime cost UK businesses £29 billion in 2016 In recent months, there has been two highly sophisticated global ransomware attacks on computer systems which have infiltrated some of the most sophisticated IT networks belonging to some of the most prestigious organisations – proving that no one is immune. Some examples include the NHS, Telefonica, Renault, […]

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23 May 2017
Alex Innard, Head of IT & Custard Creams

Alex Innard

The term “malware” refers to “malicious software,” which encompasses viruses, trojans, spyware, adware and ransomware for example. Computer malware isn’t new. In fact, we’ve been fighting it and the damage it causes for as long as I have been on this planet, and then some. To clear matters up, that’s at least thirty-three years. Traditional […]

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