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Published 12 April 2019

Adrian Fowler

Adrian Fowler
Managing Director

Next time you need to replace your mobile phone, give us a try.

We can generally beat most prices for a comparable phone and contract.

We now provide Mobile Phones

We are pleased to announce we can now provide you with mobile phones and mobile phone contracts on behalf of EE along with SIM only deals.

mobile phones uk

Offering the complete range of phones including iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, LG, Nokia to name just a few, we can provide you with the phone, the contract as well as deliver it configured and ready to use.

Not only are we offering mobile phones and contracts, we are competing very well with the major service providers offering better deals pleasing customers and their budgets.

For example, a new iPhone XR can be purchased for as little as £38 per month whereas it costs £49 direct from EE.

From a customer point of view, the fact we now supply mobile phones makes life a lot easier as we are now supporting the entire IT & communications needs of businesses.

Everything under one roof means it’s far easier to obtain support knowing it’s dealt with in a quick and convenient manner.

Next time you need to look at replacing your mobile phones, why not call us and give us a try.

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