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For businesses based in Leicester who require professional IT Support and IT Services, we are here to help.

Established since 1993, we have been servicing the IT support needs of businesses all over Leicester and have a long and loyal customer base.

I have nothing but praise for Apograph. I personally and we as a company could not have done what we have done without Apograph at our side.

Kishore Patel, Managing Director, Fiona Cairns Ltd

If you own a business and are looking for a fresh approach or feel you have outgrown the existing IT Services supplier you use, then give us a call.

You may feel your current supplier is taking too long when trying to resolve problems, or you may feel your current supplier isn’t giving you the best advice.

You may also suspect there could be a better way of doing things but you feel your current supplier doesn’t know what those better ways are.

If you have these concerns then it’s time to give us a call to find out how we can be a valuable member of your team.

Get quick professional advice

To get the ball rolling, we can provide you with a no-cost and no-obligation IT systems audit.

This audit is a non-intrusive process and will provide you with a detailed map of your entire IT network including any failure points which if any, we identify.

We will also be able to identify any security weaknesses you may have along with identifying how well you can recover from a disaster should one occur.

We will also observe what you do with IT and how you do it. This will enable us to see how simple changes can improve efficiency.

This information is valuable as it draws a clear picture of where you are and maps where you need to go.

“There’s always a better way to do things with IT, and we know the way”

Instant IT Support in Leicester

If you have an urgent problem that won’t go away then why not try out our instant problem resolution service. Dispense with the red-tape and unwanted call centre help-desk personnel and call us directly to have one of our experienced technicians resolve your problem instantly.

Once a business tries us they stay with us.

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Since 1993, Apograph has been successfully serving businesses in Leicester and is waiting to serve yours. Call us now to see how we can help.

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